There are hundreds of drone frames available on the market and finding now to suit your need can be tough. This project was aimed and creating a drone frame anyone could buy off Shapeways in their choice of material and have it delivered.

The drone frame was entirely 3D Printed and required minimal hardware to build.

Built for a multitude of flight controllers and easily be upgraded to to different motor mount arms. Modular design allows for a cheap repairs and high customization.

3D Printable


Universal Drone Frame

sla printed


1 Week Sprint Project

Basic taser outputs 20kV at very low current. Project was a sprint over the course of one week to complete. Entire enclosure made to be printed with acceptable clearances to allow for smooth assembly.


Two version of the enclosure where printed with minor adjustments between each. The first version featured a uni-body main enclosure while the second was a 2 part enclosure made for ease of printing.

Other modifications were the switch from 4 brass rings to threaded screw prongs for better conductivity.

Entire drone body sells as 4 simple low volume parts which can be taken to any supplier, currently available on Shapeways

Model designed in Rhino 5 CAD and FDM printed. FDM printing is much cheaper than SLS or SLA which makes the drone much more affordable to build.


Bottom view shows the HK Pilot flight controller which allows full autonomous flight.

Testing the drone and comparing its flight times and performance to the DJI Phantom 3.

Notable issues were vibration isolation and wire management for electronics.

Other than that the frame proved to be sturdy and was able to survive multiple crashes. The printed arms were high susceptible to fracture, the main frame faired excellent.

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